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MaLMIC is promoting sharing of medical imaging data. Below you can let us know if you have data to share, you can browse a filterable table displaying data that is available to share, and you can request access to data.

Please submit your name and email address and we’ll send you a link to upload information about your medical imaging data that you would like to share.

ID Data Holder Modality Organ Disease Annotated
AF1-001 Aaron Fenster US Vascular Stroke and Cardiovascular Some
AF1-002 Aaron Fenster US Kidney and Liver Cancer Some
AF1-003 Aaron Fenster US Muscoloskeletal Muskoloskeletal Some
AF1-004 Aaron Fenster US Prostate Cancer Some
AM1-001 Anne Martel Optical/Microscopy Breast Cancer Yes
AK1-001 Ali Khan MR Brain Healthy Controls No
SM1-001 Sarah Mattonen CT Head-Neck Cancer Some
SM1-002 Sarah Mattonen CT Lung Cancer No
SM1-003 Sarah Mattonen CT Muscoloskeletal Cancer Some
SM1-004 Sarah Mattonen PET Lung Cancer No
AT1-001 Ali Tavallaei US Vascular Stroke and Cardiovascular No
MC1-001 Mark Cicero US Breast Various Some
MC1-002 Mark Cicero US Gynecologic Various Some
MC1-003 Mark Cicero US Muscoloskeletal Various Some
MC1-004 Mark Cicero X-ray Breast Various Some
MC1-005 Mark Cicero X-ray Gynecologic Various Some
MC1-006 Mark Cicero X-ray Muscoloskeletal Various Some
HM1-001 Harry Marshall CT Kidney and Liver Cancer Yes
HM1-002 Harry Marshall CT Kidney and Liver Cancer No
HM1-003 Harry Marshall CT Pancreas Cancer Some
HM1-004 Harry Marshall MR Kidney and Liver Cancer No
BD1-001 Brandon Driscoll PET/CT Phantom Imageset Phantom No
BD1-002 Brandon Driscoll CT Phantom Imageset Phantom No
BD1-003 Brandon Driscoll MR Phantom Imageset Phantom No
BD1-004 Brandon Driscoll PET/CT Phantom Imageset Phantom No
DK1-001 Dilkash Kajal MR Fetal Maternal placenta accreta spectrum disorder No
DK1-002 Dilkash Kajal MR Fetal Urogenital tract congenital anomalies No
DK1-003 Dilkash Kajal MR Fetal Congenital lung issues No
DK1-004 Dilkash Kajal MR Fetal Head and neck (predominantly lymphangioma, teratomas) No
BH1-001 Benjamin Haive-Kains CT Head-Neck Cancer Yes
OB1-001 CP-NET: Hemi-NET Clinical Database MR Brain Neurological No
OB1-002 CP-NET: Hemi-NET Clinical Database CT Brain Neurological No
OB1-004 Province of Ontario Neurodevelopmental Disorders Network (POND) Imaging Data MR Brain Neurological No
OB1-005 Integrated Biological Markers for the Prediction of Treatment Response in Depression MR Brain Neurological No
OB1-006 Ontario Neurodegenerative Disease Research Initiative (ONDRI): Foundational Study Baseline Data - Release 1 MR Brain Neurological No
DA1-001 David Andrews Opitcal/microscopy Murine Breast Epithelia Cell Line NMuMG Not Applicable Yes
DA1-002 David Andrews Opitcal/microscopy Human Breast Epithelia Cell Line MCF10A Not Applicable Yes
Data Holder Modality Organ Disease Annotated