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MaLMIC sponsored machine learning session at ImNO 2023 – Symposium Session, March 23/24, 2023

1024 767 MaLMIC - Machine Learning in Medical Imaging Consortium

MaLMIC is pleased to support three sessions at the ImNO 2023 symposium in London ON on Friday, March 24

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Machine Learning in Computational Pathology- Forum, May 26, 2023

1024 278 MaLMIC - Machine Learning in Medical Imaging Consortium

For the May forum on machine learning in computational pathology, the first presentation by April Khademi, a researcher, will be about augmenting breast pathology workflows using AI and the second presentation by Phedias Diamandis, a pathologist, will be about under-supervised approaches to mapping tumour heterogeneity. The talks will be followed by discussion focused on lessons learned, opportunities to collaborate, and sharing of resources.

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