Felix Baldauf-Lenschen

Email: felix@altislabs.com
Role: Industry
Affiliation: Altis Labs, Inc.
Website: https://www.altislabs.com/
Data to Share: >65,000 longitudinal CTs of NSCLC patients with associated clinical information (i.e. diagnostic, treatment history, demographics, outcomes). >33,000 chest x-rays of pneumonia and COVID-19 patients with associated clinical information (demographics, diagnostics, comorbidities, outcomes).
Area(s) for Potential Collaboration: 1) Prognostic imaging biomarker development (solid tumors, cardiology, respiratory diseases, neurology)
2) Annotation software for AI development
Modality: CT, X-ray
Organ: Lung
Disease: Heart disease, Respiratory disease, Cancer, Neurological disease, Liver disease, Kidney disease
Area of Research: Prognostic imaging biomarkers, labeling software development.